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Who we are

Mike Simmons, President of Plane Data, Inc., has been a member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) since 1992 and holds the rating of - Senior Certified Appraiser (NSCA) - the highest rating offered by the NAAA.  In addition to this rating, he has received additional training related to helicopter appraisals and USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) report methodology.  Mike is also an NAAA Qualified Buyer's Agent, an NAAA instructor and chairman of the NAAA Ethics Board.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University.      NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraiser, NAAA Certified Appraisals

What we do

Plane Data, Inc's objective is to help organizations and individuals who need assistance purchasing, evaluating and documenting aircraft by providing them with an unbiased analysis along with a detailed report that meets or exceeds industry recognized standards.

This objective is accomplished through an on - site examination of the subject aircraft, an inventory of the aircraft's equipment and an analysis of its maintenance records.  In addition, the current market conditions are examined along with current selling prices of aircraft to arrive at a final opinion of value that is reliable and credible. 

how Plane Data, Inc. is different

Service - Plane Data, Inc. does much more than appraise a specific aircraft.  We help our clients solve their problems such as working through key details involved with financing an aircraft, helping clients find the right aircraft at the right price or by answering questions and providing advice.  Since 1992, Plane Data, Inc. has been solving customer problems and providing excellent service to our clients.  Let us help you by providing credible, reliable information.

Integrity - Plane Data, Inc. adheres to a published set of standards and ethics throughout all aspects of our business dealings.  As a result, clients develop a sense of trust, credibility and reliability in the reports published by Plane Data, Inc. and they continue to rely on these reports in the aircraft financing efforts, purchasing decisions or when legal issues regarding value arise.  Anyone should understand the standards and ethics of the company they are working with - Plane Data, Inc. and the NAAA publish theirs for anyone to review.

Honesty - All efforts are made to represent an aircraft as accurately as possible and to provide an impartial option of value based on the examination of the aircraft and records.  Plane Data, Inc. does not provide reports that support a predetermined number nor is compensation paid based on a percentage of the aircraft's value.  As a result, clients have a more complete analysis of factual data which is more credible and reliable when compared to other methods.


You can pay more but you won't get more

Reports issued by Plane Data, Inc. have been successfully used in hundreds of aircraft financing transactions and multiple court cases since 1992.

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